Wednesday, 21 April 2010

5th Draft : Demi Gods

The Demi Gods have been printed, with information booklets about their historical background.
Both will be exhibited tomorrow (22nd April) at the ArtMarket, as part of Draft,
curated by NousVous

Monday, 12 April 2010

A brief recollection of events

I had a flashback to pissing on the side of a church in Florence, and watching the liquid flow effortlessly through the channels created by the surrounding cobbles. It reminded me of what the idyllic canals in Venice looked and smelt like.
I was in a bad mood that day, but the romantic trickling of urine made me smile.


It is the preoccupation of a mind governed by convention to ask "what is art?"
To search for an objectivity in the inherently mysterious. Why not ask a bird the reason why it sings? Or try to decipher the conversations of trees?


23rd March 2010.
Today I saw 50 worms and accidentally spat on my shoe.


There is a difference between telling someone what to think, and implying they can think in a certain way.


People are drawn to the mysterious as curiosity supersedes everything.
If the nature of the universe presented itself to us, the nature of everything would be explained away and become meaningless.
This is why people are drawn to religion. They want the mysterious to be explained. This is precisely why art is psychologically appealing to everyone (whether they know it or not), as the art becomes a transient universe, and the artist becomes a god, there simply to create the unknown.


It's funny how 200 people can walk past you on the street, and you won't recognise a single one, and then 200 or so more people walk past you, and you don't recognise those either.
In such a short space of time, you have forgotten 400 people.
that's pretty weird.


It's amazing how a solitary moment can reduce significant moments of your life into seemingly unimportant events, yet simultaneously making you realise that everything you have experienced upto the immediate present, has shaped your life into something wonderful and exciting. It is the equivalent of the sensation immediately after coughing - it reinforces the feeling of not having a cough.
Sometimes, we just need the presence of a shit feeling to realise that the majority of life is actually beautiful.

Beautiful Decay : Book 3 has arrived

The new B/D book arrived today. What a pleasant surprise.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

WhiteWhiteBrownTwig exhibition

White White Brown Twig's art work will be presented as part of a showcase curated by new Leeds based Venonum artists on the 27th April : Cardigan Road : Leeds.

It is sure to be a good night, with an large exhibition, live illustration and art stalls.

Venonum Colective

Saturday, 3 April 2010

White White Brown Twig

White White Brown Twig is a new art collective combining the work of Emma Parry and Joel Galvin.
The result is an amalgamation of photography and experimental illustration.

I hope you enjoy.

Where's my triangle?

A little video from WhiteWhiteBrownTwig

New Music Video : The Lodger

Ventral recently animated and directed the new music video for Leeds (via Berlin) based band, The Lodger.
The new single is called 'Have a little faith in people.'

Check out their youtube page for updates and keep your eyes peeled for the video appearing on MTV.

5th Draft

Ventral and various other illustrators will soon be exhibiting at the Art Market : Leeds : Uk
Don't miss out on free art, food, and drink.