Sunday, 21 November 2010

Loose Talk Costs Lives

Loose Talk Costs Lives
EP Launch
6th December
Brudenall Social Club

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Man licking a cigarette in regression (The coming into existence of existence and everything around me)

Bus Stop perpetuates man
Man facilitates mouth
Mouth engenders tongue
Tongue constructs lip
Lip manifests hand
Hand creates fingers
Fingers adorn cigarette
Cigarette constructs road
Road provides feet
Feet contain legs
Legs support torso
Torso marries sleeves
Sleeves divorce neck
Neck surprises limbs
Limbs accept October
October builds perspective
Perspective portrays dimensions
Dimensions arouse depth
Depth impose A
A suggests B
B equals thought
Thought massages bus
Bus elicits bus stop
Bus stop perpetuates man.

POEM : The Never Hour

The space in between seven and eight
is loosely held together by artificial light.
The familiar blue prevails over insentience
as the gravitational mass multiplies
at the centre of MacDonalds.
A fellow customer asks if my top lip is real.
Some things never fail to be original,
and some things simply fail.

Too many brooms sweep away an hour that never existed.

A lip embossed on a cheek
A girl adorning the polyester of previous hours
A group incessantly trying to copulate with time and light
produce only an incestuous sunrise
Someone takes a photograph of me

thank you.

Walk home from work 30/10/10

There's talk of Meerkats and naked legs.
A man encased in wood
yells intermittently at the transient crowd
in colloquial chestnuts.
The path is bathed in a teenage downpour on wheels.
The surface is dry
and the windows are dazzling - mini universe.

Eyes flicker as the book stares back with the pretension of a
transfixed horse
constructed from the shoulders of mosquitoes.

I draw on my senses and wonder if awkwardness existed before mammals.

6 o'clock has the feel of tension wrapped in bacon.

These roads are drowsy.