Monday, 27 February 2012

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Small Potato Offerings

Pure Ginsberg visions slumped

in arctic dutch interior, archaic double crunch Vishnu,

sour cocoa epiphanies new

filled the room with abstract voodoo innuendo tapping foot,

to San Francisco beat prayers with the mild madness of

chocolate Sanskrit slowly

melting distinctions between duvet and cosmos

confusing California haze, old smog, marijuana monuments

our young nowhere bodies left floating

in great liquid saloons of writhing lost clocks

in black bricked coffee shops divine,

green light bathing in American jazz jitters

on the tips of our zigzag tongues briefly tinged

with the melancholia of modern music,

language soothed by moon

and me

giddy-eyed child

unravelled, marvelous dancing in the buffet breast of visual amnesia

hollow reflection peepshow window muse.

Find an artist and look at him

playing flute

coughing swirls of frozen blue-buddha-bird-bong-dust into Venus Temple

having telepathic chicken sensations,

birthplace of the bullet proof zinc goddess of the sink

zoned out on zion bunk beds

under original nakedness of thought.

Strange paranoia walls,

dazzling Adonis window

sky painted in carbohydrate soul rush

golden pale face twitching with self-knowing street corner puddle,

splashing in the vibrant call of her error machine.

Oh, divine,

Oh, divine,

Oh divine provocation of time!

Only perverts sleep,

in this drifting-head-raft-city

curtains closed to resemble Last Judgement

where holographic God as Klimt is revealed, trembling

through soul exposed and rolled into sweet vapour of curious joint.

On ceiling, one star mocks another

soaking in their soft illuminations of timeless morning

sat weeping

shoulders of the boys in endless hour tying rapid dialect to cast their tired eyes

into feverish seas

of Eastern Atlantis psilocybe.

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