Thursday, 29 December 2011

Saturation of the Wild and Meaningful.

I've seen the best of the nihilists dance to this

when stripes of unknown strata dances like it thinks it matters

I'll dress you up vibrantly

in erratic sleeping patterns.

I'll unzip the seams of seas and see the world behind the scenes with all the greenness of it's flesh

This room is the only place where skies exists,

where backyard Baudrillards in the tender grip of repetition,

tend to the breasts of suns and the crests

of lunar lungs

that breathe elliptically, rotating mystically

around the residue of rib cages

and realities.

We fluctuate at the rate of imagery,

dispensed by the dress sense of the sun

and now we've undone

the belt of Saturn to find nothing

but a press stud

that imitates the moon.

Fully informed in diagonal fashions

phantasmagoric supermarkets awaken

into connotations of time slip romantic notions

where impossibly, in Paris

Ginsberg resonantly

reads to appease us.

What shall we do with all these rearrangements of constellations

that represent nothing but perplexing Perspex complexions

waiting for that golden poem of somewhere

to bare all

and fall harmoniously into common expression.

Whilst other ideas move gently,

my hair grows subconsciously,

like the universe.

We sign our names onto the backs of clouds in consent of the next sunrise.

The dawn brings prophecies of self apocalypse

hidden within the corners of horizon's lips

I can destroy the world with a stranger's breath


is the length

of a cigarette.

You place the edges of our dreams onto memory foam pillows

to smooth out the corners of our forgetfulness.

The shape of beauty is worthwhile

only when dada discourse turns oak trees into intellect.

Now the slim fit azure blue of oceans belong to someone else's legs.

We'll roll our words discretely

into maxims of shallow analysis

with wishes to burn them, into vibrating strings

and photograph them in high winds.

But what of the mouths that solemnly lay

upon electronic gestalts in constant drift

where evolution sits

growing tired and old

of recurring ideas once cherished.

I'm already too aware of revolutionaries.

I hover just above the logos

and drape your shirt, around the sun

so we will awaken tomorrow, already clothed

with shadows lapping at our toes.

By 3 o'clock the world was dead,

kind synchronized synonyms alleviated our tender egos.

We leapt from the depths of silhouettes

and your smile disappeared with the eclipse.

I juxtaposed it with a kiss and painted symbols on our hands

to give the evening, meaning.

So what do we do when we realise

that the sky is a colour tv dreaming rhythmically

of high rise buildings with poor views of blue?

By night,

we can collide the moon with velvet skirt

arouse her mouth, or stroke her inner arm until

the hairs of profound kingdoms rise

casting shadows on her thighs.
There are no oceans here

but I can recite a landscape if you like?

with hand adorn pencil in vast

panoramic temporal masterpiece, lungs crack,

cacophony of cloud precipitate

compositions of birth, in midst of hand swept depth,

crisp, mandalic you and me,

painting consciousness of contented winds

now poet can draw breath with pen, and breathe.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Screenshot selection

Flavio Cabral (intermezzo)

The Honest Man in Modern seas of Anachronism.

Diogenes screams rhapsodies, shirtless
semblances of identity
from where ancient chicken vertebrate dream
of ancient lamp, burn honest language, rapidly.
Static apokatastasis sways,
shallow breath beneath low tide
where moon aligns with eye.
Chest expand, Sun-thetic pop hieroglyph, reside,
defunct soul drowned
by lack of I Ching interest.
Shadows of celestial condiments collide
with collective unconsciousness,
Egyptian motif sits restlessly
summoning surrogate remedies,
for a thousand centuries, manifest me.
All minds reopen at midday
when city swells
and objects dwell in shadows at their most confused.
We should have pilgrimaged to our infancy
reading our souls for dessert in Americana Chinese dynasties
and denouncing all prophets posthumously,
using sturdy virtues,
of plastic fork ubiquity.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Plagiarising Dali (Meta Dali)


An experiment to see what really good / good photography,
and really bad / bad photography looks like.

Toys, 1992

Friday, 16 December 2011

Ted on Infinity Bus

Heavy, with rain soaked myth on infinity bus

wise Mytholmroyd brow, sings silent, feathered

overlooking industrial nose in grey, morning expression.

What object is this, that offers your dark stones reprieve

starring outward through tabacco smoke

with endless rings of buddhas gone

old and forged from lost green hills

where jaunty figure sat

mediating iron incarnations and

the bitterness of sculpting winds

whence you licked your mind through pipe

and built your head from stone.

Now eternally fleeting we meet alone

on bus through featureless time pastures circling

What do you know of, my Poet Laureate?

my eternal Day Rider

my enigmatic spade, breathing hieroglyphs

fossilised inside weeping back seat heath.

I bought your book of letters

I know your nicknames

yet you say nothing of sweet awakenings

nothing of the resonant hills and the clean shaven face of divinity

and yet I wish to scribe ineffable ennui onto soft pillows, brightly

until suns emerge

and buses groan.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Monday, 12 December 2011

Nature Update...

Friday, 9 December 2011

Accidental Malevich

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

O fluxo

The nice people of O Fluxo have kindly created a small feature on Ventral over at

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

RYAN GIGGS : Study 2

Saturday, 5 November 2011

RYAN GIGGS : Laptop Skins

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Blue basketball ideologies


neatness as archaic virtue

virtual dis-used paint brush tool


composition of value.

Floor plus wall axis

Duchamp screensaver

with hotdog sound effects

slanting liquid obsession

and plinths

speaking in echoes.

Resurrecting Magritte with watermark

false perspectives on collapse and patience

Nokia renaissance

with simulation.

Electric banana gif

pyramid iphone glyph

moving melancholically

through gradient fountain shift.

Mountain range vernacular

and Grecian statuettes

levitate and pirouette

over low rainbow resolution divides

in palm tree style.

With Taj Mahal blur effect

we retain our eyes

placing them inside

post ironic 90's vogue

morphing turquoise pineapple vague

into Tutankamun


Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I've finally taken the plunge into Twitter's mirky sea of discourse.

If you desire, you can follow me at

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Warriors

Commissioned window display for club night Straight Up.

Wire club : Leeds

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Transient City : Blog project

Collapsing 3D non-sequitur desktop.