Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Poem : Perpetual piss

The 3 dimensional man stands hunched at the 3 dimensional lamp post

and ponders and ulterior existence to his own

where the 3 dimensional man is reduced to a silhouette 

walking through himself when he staggers home.

His 3 dimensional bottle casts a 2 dimensional shadow

like a sullen projection of a cheap prostitute

casting a 2 dimensional  composition with 2 dimensional stains

He lights his 3 dimensional cigarette

a combustible cylinder of futile presumptions 

emitting 3 dimensional plumes of regret.

He finds himself stood

arched under the  one dimensional sky

this figure of lines is transparent through light

passing through his perpendicular self

a four dimensional image of somebody else

who sleeps in piss

on the 2 dimensional concrete

where he thought he lost his head.

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