Monday, 15 June 2009

Time : Inspired by Chris-to-pher

I started reading my friends' blog today ( a fellow graphic designer who immerses himself in his surroundings; reducing himself to the position of analyst, and reducing things to typographic interpretations to gain knowledge and understanding of the peculiar world he inhabits.
His most recent pondering or exercise was to describe 'things' in only three words. 
I found this task quaintly romantic, and the method of deductibility of complex thought into three simple words (simple by the standard of the initial complex thought) quite satisfying and challenging. 
The one example that stood out was the concept 'time'. How do I relate to such a ubiquitous concept, so entrenched in the way we all think about every event ever conceived or experienced.
It is a concept that conventionally divides into three : past, present, future. But convention is something that both repels and inspires me. 
I am intrigued by the difficulty of describing something so common; a human convention, relative to our interpretation. Time is integral for the mind to work, yet difficult for the mind to understand.
A series of 'moments' in a lineal formation. the foundation of substance and causality. the thing that distinguishes one event from another. 
The future is pure imagination and the present only existing in the tense we chose. 
Is time infinite of finite?

'imaginary transient moments' 

are the 3 words that spring to mind. Perhaps i'll think of something different in the future.

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