Sunday, 20 December 2009

TIME : The Synergic Zero


Central eye = The self (observer)
Horizontal line = World time zones from -11, 0, to +12.
Left and right extremities = West and East* *(Triangle within Vesica Pisces)
Top and Bottom extremities = Space (Black holes)
Four circular points = Retrospective view of the self (observer)

If you were to travel to the East you would be traveling through time literally for a maximum of 12 hours into the future. If you were to travel West you would be traveling backwards through time for a maximum of 11 hours into the past. If you were to walk forwards into the past, or walk backwards into the future, in both instances you would technically be going against the flow of time, and therefore standing still. The borders of time zones imply that you can condense 24 hours into a single hour by a single step, either backwards or forwards. This creates many implications.
The first of these being; if you travel back into the past with the 1:24 hour ratio from the future, the paradox of a 'future memory' is created. This implies that 'past memories' are easier to obtain whilst walking forwards to the East. The constant back and forth throughout time and space in East/West directions, either traveling backwards and forwards can split the experienced short term interpretative reality stored in the amygdala, with the long term reality of the hippocampus. This raises the possibility that if you were to travel Westward, whilst walking forwards, with your head facing behind you, you would be able to see your future self in a past memory of a future time. (All the while creating a duality of past/future observants). (This has to strain the capacity of storing memories within a specific time and date)

Secondly, if you were to go to sleep whilst traveling through to a different time zone, you would literally wake up in the future* (of course, everyone actually wakes up in the future) but if you were traveling backwards from West (-11) to East (+12) you would actually end up in the future by traveling back through time. This would rase the problem of ever knowing the correct time (universally speaking).

Thirdly, and possibly most convincingly, the appropriation of past memories of future selves and future memories of past selves gives rise to 'The Present Self.' The Present Self can exist infinitely in duration and multiplicity. The present Self occurs on the borders of -1 and +1, existing within the paradoxical nothingness of 0. The 0 of the time scale facilitates the existence of The Present Self to exist within the borders of every incremental time zone. This 'Central Observer' (indicated by the eye) is otherwise known as 'The Synergic Zero', as without this nothingness, no thing would exist from a central point, confining time to be finite. 'The Present Self' or 'Synergic Zero' is infinitely unobtainable and unnoticeable; the perpetual 'standing still' of the borders of time. This brings about the final point. The perpetuation of the 'standing stillness' of the Synergic Zero is the creator of Black Holes.
The reason for this is because of the black hole's Event Horizon, where from an outsiders perspective, time appears to slow down for infinity, making the object passing into the black hole seem stationary (gravitational time dilation). At the same time, all the processes on this object slow down, causing emitted light to appear redder and dimmer, an effect known as gravitational red shift.

To summerise: If you were to walk forwards towards the West whilst looking to the East, you would have a past memory of your future self that would cause a rift in reality as you crossed the border of future to past (12 to -11) creating a paradox in space, where you would go against the flow of time, manufacturing a Present Self that stands still for infinity. This would then precipitate the creation of a black hole.

Additional information: it is now apparent that the Diamond is the intrinsic shape between space, time and ultimately existence, with the central of the diamond being the synergic zero. This is particularly interesting as diamond is pure carbon, with the atomic number of 6. There is quite a lot of nothing in between the electrons in a carbon atom

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