Thursday, 20 May 2010

I was describing you today to someone who's never met you before.

"She's quite small, dark hair, good dress sense...?" I said...

"Ok..." I continued...
"do you know when you have a pair of favourite trousers,
and they comfortably mould themselves around your legs
and before you even realise,
you've had these trousers on
for nearly five months.

You check the pockets
and slide in your hands
turning them inside out
finding tiny particles of dust
remnants of places you've been
records of things you've bought
perhaps some loose change
and sometimes
on the odd occasion
you'll be lucky enough to find
a perfectly edible sweet
sleeping in its wrapper
like a ladybird
in sugary hibernation
or occasionally
a pound coin
tumbles into your hand
rolling into existence
like a sunrise falling out of the sea
and you feel a compassionate
warming sensation
dancing across your body
and your wait for warmer weather
has arrived
but in this impermanent instance
you quietly appreciate it
and you are blessed with the illusion
that the universe
actually cares.

well, she looks exactly how that feels."

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