Saturday, 28 August 2010

Poem : Somewhere there is a sofa shaped like discord

The woman's stomach is empty

her cheekbones


like decaying bovine structures.

Her expression is indifferent,

yet her venetian eyebrows

seem vexed.

There is a spider in the corner of the mouth.

For a time

after we became properly acquainted

I became one of her organs

I was never the organised whole

just a proportion.


I rested in her bronchioles

and contributed to her asthma

for a while afterwards

we didn't speak

so I gave her a new t.v.

This became awkward

when the t.v license

fell out of her eye.

One tuesday

I opened her Nucleus Accumbens

and told her a joke

I polished her placebo effect

until she crumbled through the pores of her skin

and I coughed



after I turned off her nervous system

she appeared to laugh immensely

at the state of the toilet.

We laughed so hard

that I turned partially

into a kidney

I knew that soon

it would all be over.

In the afternoons

motivation almost ceased.

I cooked an omelette

and defrosted the basal ganglia.

Our eye movements slowed

and we thought about existentialism

to the point where

we forgot

most of the facts.

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