Thursday, 21 October 2010

Poem : Nomenclature

Nomenclature: the infinite principle perspective that holds the wax of lyrical lampshades that instruct you to look into the shadows of transparency.

Nomenclature: the insects wing that's stapled to the hat which often plagues my shoulder with cold thoughts.

Nomenclature: the burning foot of the elephant, the man who smoked a cigarette and placed his nose on a bloated lemon, made from a million drawn lines.

Nomenclature: the action of creating a seehorse with the head of an envelope.

Nomenclature: Jesus fucking christ! the romantacising of semantics that construct these futile icecreams.

Nomenclature: a universe of nonsense that we categorise in fur, as we slide apathetically down the glass stomach of an angel.

Nomenclature: Barbara Streisand, you are being unreasonable.

Nomenclature: let's get this party started and satiate our hedonistic head-on-shit-stick.

Nomenclature: socks and knees

Nomenclature: sans without sans

Nomenclature: the knife without a shower, the fork without a blade. A chair for the idle.
A means to make my moustache ring.

Nomenclature: a catalyst to make the telephone tickle my lips.

Nomenclature: a circle with squareness. A sparkling contradiction.

Nomenclature: not being able to sleep. Excessive sleepiness.
Keep moving, jewellery box.

Nomenclature: no men can hear,
moment of seeding,
no mention of lecture,
gnome in a reflection,
a Roman clutching his ear.

Nomenclature: The novelty of the theatre with women encircling the churches.
The memory of the acute,
the collapsing cylinder,
the comfort of a clue
and to know the front from the rear.

Nomenclature: what are you doing? your eyes awake for the duvet as the sun buries itself beneath you.

Nomenclature: and there it is, the indefinite principle, the skin that alludes me, the abundance of sardonic circles that resemble their inhibitions when confronted with the flame of the thumb!

Nomenclature: you have become autobiographical without ever raising a dimension of reason.

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