Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What would an omnipotent picnic look like? (03)

He turns the page onto the next illustration, now eager with his new sense of confidence after leaping successfully over the omnipotence hurdle.

"This is Krishna as a boy." 

My ears became involuntarily intent, hanging on Stevie's every word. I think to myself that he'd be a great orator, as good as Hitler.

"In this material world there is a place you can go and play with Krishna as a boy."

"Really?" I ask, as if there was a part of my that started to believe him.

"Yeah, in this realm you can play with Krishna, play football with him, or have a picnic."

At this point I had to interject.

Would Krishna be the type of God to enjoy a picnic? You know, given his genocidal tendencies and the omnipotence and that.

Preempting my question, Stevie releases an unwavering golden nugget of infinite wisdom from his, what can only be described as, diamond sparkling larynx, and into the air for my ears to dance with.

"The meaning of life is to have a picnic with Krishna."

Beautiful. Beyond refutation.

Stevie smiles, and I reciprocate, dumbfounded by his wisdom. And just when I think there can't be more gold dust such as this, Stevie turns to the next illustration...

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