Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sweating out the universe. (04)

"This is a picture of the material universe. He points to a small dark bubble, encasing the eminent blue figure of Krishna. (He must know he's blue!)

"This is the universe we live in, the yellow surrounding is where God lives, and here are his many personifications." (Bi polar) Stevie pointed to a large lotus flower.

"This is where you can be most spiritual. This is a place you can actually go." 

I refrain from asking for a post code but do ask if I can get there with a day rider. Stevie doesn't laugh, just smiles. Perhaps I've been too presumptuous of our friendship.

"So... do you not think that the universe is expanding?" I ask, urging him to gloss over my social faux pas.

"The bubble..." He points " filled with water, and the blue figure with the orange pants (Krishna - but why are his pants orange? Why does he need pants?) is the creator of all universes (egocentric) and every time he breathes out, millions of universes expel from his pours, and when he inhales, all the universes inside the bubble go back through his pours."


"Do the universes not go through his nose when he inhales?" I ask scientifically.

"No, no" Stevie corrects me. "He breathes them through his pours."

Of course, how stupid of me. Omnipotence after all. (But then why the fuck does he need to breathe?)

"Ahh..." I undersand. "so Krishna sweats out the universe.?"

"Yes, yes" Stevie agrees.

"But, if you think of time" He continues.

I steady myself for another lyrical gem to be thrown down my ears and into my nervous system.

"our universe is so long because Krishna's lungs are so big so that they can house all the planets of our material universe, so he's only ever taken one breath so far."

I digest his words. We both smile.

I give him £1.10 for the book, and then depart.

It is 12, noon, and already I think my day has reached its pinnacle.

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