Sunday, 22 November 2009

Funny World #14

Careful, what you are about to enjoy is extremely quixotic.
I am one quarter monochromatic and if you look at me from certain angles you wont be able to see me.
I'll be sleeping on loose change for a while as the dried social butterflies get caught in cats paws.
Creamy contours and exterior, plaster the sides of my rickety paste. I hope one day soon I will again feel the twinge of her breath-filled, fluorescent discourse.
"I read it back word for word and I am pleased to report that it has a pulse."
I am thinking that so many people are together that haven't met, synchronised experience.
The similarities are astounding, my eyes seem well fed.
Give me back my infant pegs and let me start again. I'm all out of milk and gut. What happened to those chinese dragons?
"Would you please elaborate?"
I've just woken up in a cinema distending with pretentious laughter and peeling wall paper. I'm not sure how I got here, but at least I've found myself, precisely where I am.
"It's dark and I can't see the words I'm thinking about."
"That would be a pointless scunder sir, a waste of semantics" He said as his figure shook mirthfully.
The clouds are making me warm, pot fox, sat outside the door, my favourite animals are the ones without legs.
"Your insanity bedraggles me."
I bought some carpet tape today and a handfull of safety pins, I'ts going to fix everything.

Wolves are inside envelopes, addressed to my name from someone I've never heard of before.
They say "There you are."
There is a space here that simply shouldn't be. Fill it up with light and fall asleep, suspended on my mind's structure.
A pillow like silk eyelids, a placid exegesis that satiates your evaporations, water vapor on windows, opaque on ink stained palms, smearing objects into words, damp and existing temporarily.
Horizontals, green toothpaste umbrellas and landing rails. Stick my head out of the window. This time its not audible and still none functional. "Time to sleep" She said. " A lot of things that made me smile are not enough to gather up your hands."
I wonder if there's any residue left? It will all be better when I see the white tiger.
"Don't worry madam, I'll walk in the road, I'll carry my sea shells and coral bones through the traffic just for you and your sunny scowl."
I find it insurmountably sobering. I could just go for another taste of her radiator lips, one more taste before I bury the sun and follow the Maya Corn God through the underground.
"There you are, my little mimesis. I've got some unspoken news for you, we're nothing more than animal bones."
You pharmacokinetic feeling, bright like neuron tunnels and synaptic whistles.
"I am quite clearly sure that I am not fatuous, just two thirds the wrong measure in either direction."
I'll meet you inside. You won't fail to see me, I'll be the one with my face. Hopefully my tongue will follow suit long before I make it to funny world.
I can feel it now. Something.

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