Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Poem : Sniggle Dreck

This is surprisingly magnesium
irregular trapezium
spitting chrysanthemums from
the crease of my septum
it's blinding
full colour spectrum
gleaming and binding
but I don't think I'm dreaming
maybe it's a headache
three magpies said it was a girl
they're in the garden arguing
about The Holy Order of Difference
on the moon there is
a brown plum
and a razor blade
funny little eyelash girl
you need to check the meaning
because I'm leaving to think
about this in the morning remember
there is always a North, East, South
and West to everything
even your head
have some penicillin for your thoughts
turning fingers into dinosaurs
I won't be the same again
My head is a fence
that needed jumping.

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